Denise Carson, Columnist at the Orange County Register, unveils the lives of people creatively approaching the end of life. Here she wrote a column about cleaning out her mother’s closet to discover a legacy of memories within shortly before her mother lost her battle to cancer.

Denise Carson writes the Parting Ways Column in the Orange County Register where she explores how individuals, families and communities are reinventing their role in life’s final frontier to celebrate memories, traditions and legacies with new personalized rituals that turn the alienation at the end of life into a celebration.

She receives the most amazing emails from readers about how thankful and refreshed they are to read such inspiring stories in the newspaper. Below are some of the links:

Cleaning Out My Mother’s Closet

A Living Tribute For Bill Before He Goes

Recording Her Life Stories on Video

Students Turn Her Stories Into a Life Movie

Music Therapy: A Jam Session at the Deathbed

The Last Holiday with Mom, Passing on Traditions

Volunteer Keeps Vigil With Dying Woman

Memory Pillows: The Afterlife of Clothes

He’s Celebrating Life in Hospice

Book Celebration Illuminates End-of-Life Lessons

Dying Woman Reveals Gangster Secret

Granddaughter Glad to Know Gangster Past

Kelly Thomas’ Mom Celebrates His Life

At 105, She Soars in a Big Balloon

WWII Female Pilot Tours Her Past

Final Journeys to Envy

Farewells to Remember 

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