Nation in Pain – The ACEs

I invite you to Centripetal Force Studio Blog and Instagram to join the conversation on the reality of pain in America. At the crux of this epidemic is unresolved trauma in the body. The recent news reported by the CDC that 130 Americans are dying of opioid overdose every day is haunting. It shouldn’t surprise me because just yesterday, a local police officer shared that they are finding people dying overdosed on opioids in their cars. So, part of their night patrol involves checking cars in parking lots to hopefully find these people before it’s too late. What?!

Take a look at some of the research in a recent blog we posted on Centripetal Force blog. We’ve learned that treating the mental condition is not enough, we must examine and unravel the trauma and grief in the body. The landmark Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, performed by Kaiser Permanente and the CDC in the mid-1990s, laid the foundation for identifying past trauma as a high risk factor for addiction, cancer, chronic pain, skeletal fractures, heart disease and diabetes in more than 17,000 patients who took a survey that identified their ACEs score. The ACEs are defined as neglect, physical or verbal abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, absence of a parent through divorce or early death, a parent with a substance abuse problem or mental illness, or a family member who has been incarcerated. The most recent ACEs study published in the November 2018 JAMA involved 214,157 participants across the county. The study found that childhood trauma is a public health problem with 3 out 5 adults who scored at least one ACE and one quarter of Americans have three or more. Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, pediatric physician, is leading the charge on identifying ACEs in children and families. Her research linked asthma and attention deficit disorders as early indicators of childhood adversity. She was just appointed to the first Surgeon General in California. And, Gov. Gavin Newsome just proposed 45 million to screening Medi-Cal patients for the ACEs in 2020. 

The good news is we know how to reverse the effects of the ACEs in the body. Visit Centripetal Force Studio to meet my co-author Gina Calderone, MPT, and me, Denise Carson, the Body Journalist. We can unearth the roots of trauma in your body and family.

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